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About Our Company

Greetings from Farewell Rites. We are a final wishes management business serving the state of Michigan.  Here, we understand how significant final wishes are to our clients.

Occasionally, disposition adjustments are carried out based on the choices of family or friends rather than those of the departed.  For this reason, we capture the preferences of each client and execute the arrangements as outlined.

Why do our clients choose to work with us:

  • ​No living relatives
  • No relatives or friends within the area
  • Assurance that final wishes will be executed accordingly
  • Single point of contact between client, attorney, and/or funeral director
  • Exceptional document management support
  • Vendor-neutral

We will never:

  • Persuade clients to make decisions based on our personal choices
  • Influence clients in using specific services, providers, or vendors
  • Adjust arrangements without client direction and written approval 

Effective June 27, 2016, the state of Michigan passed a law permitting you to name a funeral representative who has the authority to make arrangements after your death. We are committed to excellence in your disposition and funeral coordination. Our support is specifically tailored to your individual needs. It would be an honor to represent your wishes as you deem suitable. Thank you for visiting and learning more about Farewell Rites, LLC.


Founder, End-of-Life Doula, Personal Funeral Representative, and Coordinator Therese Lynch witnessed her first experience with mortality at the age of five. Her young uncle had passed suddenly, with the family scrambling to make arrangements for their much-loved brother, husband, and father. That meant many different suggestions and opinions on how he should be remembered. Even she had an opinion based on his chosen attire.


As she sat on her father's shoulders during the visitation, Therese was asked if she was ready to say goodbye to her uncle. She said, "yep", so her dad walked her over to the open casket, and while peering over the side to say goodbye, she thought to herself, "his eyes are closed, so he must be sleeping, but why isn't he wearing jammies"? That memory often came to mind and became the inspiration for Farewell Rites.



20130913 Farewell.jpg

Therese Lynch, End-of-Life Doula and Funeral Representative Designee


Mission Statement

In partnership with our clients, we inform, organize, support, and oversee personalized final wishes.

Core Values


Encourage Acceptance

Every person deserves respect regardless o​f their age, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability o​r upbringing​.  We encourage staff and clients to approach one another with compassion and fairness.


Preparation that Ensures Accuracy

Strategic collaboration begins with notable communication.  We support client preferences by providing disposition solutions while offering exceptional attention to detail.




Transparency, honesty, and dependability with a shared vision establishes unprecedented client success. 


Honor Time Management

Precise planning prevents misinterpretations. We understand our clients require specific needs and strive to accomplish goals within a timely manner.

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