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Funeral Coordination

Untimely events may leave you feeling powerless or beside yourself.  With our cooperation, we offer single or multiple arrangements based on your requirements. 

Arrangements include:

  • Funeral home, mortuary, crematorium location assistance
  • Casket, container, mausoleum, or shroud options
  • Floral arrangements
  • People contact
  • Post funeral details:
    • Location/Venue
    • Food and drinks
    • Decor
    • Travel arrangements
  • Pet funeral services
  • additional responsibilities as agreed

Celebration of Life​

Who better to plan your final celebration than you! Will it be a black-tie affair or flip-flop occasion?  Will you be present or wait until your departure?  Regardless, it's your time to shine.  We will assist with all your remembrance needs.  

Offerings include:

  • Eulogy support
  • Casket/urn design
  • Livestreaming services
  • Decor
  • Food and drinks
  • Location research
  • Venue assistance
  • Projects coordination
  • Favors/wearables
  • Charitable donations

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